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COVEdigital  studios revolutionary new DEMO song delivery for Songwriters on a tight budget.
At the SONGWRITERS DRIVE-THRU we understand the songwriter's dilemmna—uncertain if the song is ready or good enough yet to track at the full studio cost often running into hundreds or thousands of dollars — yet, at the same time, wanting to know what it could sound like

We have streamlined our studio processes and fine-tuned the latest recording hardware,  software, synth technologies and in-house musicians to be able to deliver a wholesome rendition of your song at a                                                                                                    value price point. 
* Additional vocalist fees ($30-60)
COVEdigital studio
Songwriter demo
Songwriter Demo
sonwriter demo




Create Audio

of Your Song

Send Lyrics &


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What Do I GET As a demo? 

● Fully mastered track in Mp3 format*

● Up to 5 instruments depending on track arrangement / style

● Main vocal male or female

One time arrangement - we reserve the right to select the best  

    arrrangement and are not able to provide multiple edits for

    this budget pricing

* Other formats available with  small added charge

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