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Step 1   Create Audio File

To help us create a full band, quality version of your original song it is best that we hear it — the way you created it. 

With today's smartphones, tablets or computer technology it is a relatively simple process  to create a version of your masterpiece as an audio file — a scratch track. 

Rest assured that we are not expecting anything more than a vocal and preferably, but not essential, a single accompanying instrument like a piano or guitar.

This audio file is only used for our internal use and is deleted once we have created your track. Don't worry if you are not a vocalist or do not have the best intonation — it is not a requirement. It helps our producer to understand the mood, tempo and style of your song so we can render a track exactly how you feel it.

There are many free options for recording your 'scratch track'. The actual app choice will depend on your devise.  Use an app that is simple and is able to share the created file as you will need to email the file to us at: 

For a list of some apps that are available CLICK HERE

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