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The Smiths

Forest Gump

The Smith Ladies - Cellos and Flute

The Smith sisters  are from  a family of incredibly talented musicians and composers. In this composition there are two cellos and a flute. They hail from Wisconsin and often play at  local functions

Men From Earth

Ireland Boys

Men Fron Earth - Bluegrass

Bluegrass at its best!

Men From Earth are from New London, Wisconsin and play Irish and bluegrass music around the area

Ann Morrison

Father's Song

Ann Morrison Appleton Songwriter & Vocalist

Ann Morrison is a songwriter and vocalist from Wisconsin. 

Mike and Karen Cove

Wooden Hill

Mike and Karen Cove - singer singwrite duo

Award winning singer-songwriting duo from Wisconsin. 

They play venues in the area and have published several albums and singles.

They are Christian songwriters and own COVEdigital

Barbara Hoffman

Won't You Be My Chauffer

Barbara Hoffman - Wisconsin Folk Singer

Barbara Hoffman is a well known folk and acoustic blues singer around the NE Wisconsin area. 

You will often find Barb playing with a variety of folk groups from the area as well as her solo performances

Ralph Lake

God Is Faithful

Ralph Lake - Antilles Songwriter

Songwriter based in the Netherland Antilles. Ralph has written many Christian songs as well as contemporary music

Kathy Anderson

The Pony Song

Kathy Anderson - Florida Songwriter

Kathy is a Florida songwriter. 

Most of Kathy's songs carry a Christian message. This song is a Children's song called "The Pony Song"


Bonnie Dundee

Angus-n-August - Sottish / Irish Folk Duo

Angus-n-August are a folk music duo from Green Bay. Their latest album "Rolling Home" is a wonderful collection of traditional Scottish and Irish songs.

Renann Buchholz


Christmas Tree Lights and Ornament

Renann is a Christian singer from Tulsa. Her most recent album is a Christmas Compilation

50% Folk

Silver Thread and Golden Needles

50% Folk - Wisconsin Folk, Gospel & Bluegrass

50% Folk are a four piece folk band with a very authentic Appalachian style. They are based in Oshkosh Wisconsin 

Terrance Alan

Country Starts From THe Heart


Terrance is from Wisconsin.

With years as a songwriter and singer in the country music industry, 

Arrangement and instrumentation by COVEdigital

Terrance Alan (feat. Jennifer Tessen)

WHat Will Love Do


Another country rock song from Terrance Alan featuring the vocals from Jennifer Tessen

Kabril Marcs


Kabril Marcs.PNG

Kalib is a prolific hip hop rapper song-writer from Wisconsin. This track features Caleb Cheslock with arrangement and track composition by COVEdigital. The track contains Lofi mixing.

Steve Peterson

Guiness To The Gills

Steve Peterson.PNG

Steve is a solid Irish / Scottish songs writers and performer based in NE Wisconsin.

Frinweier Tamaning

She's Beautiful

Frinweier T.jpg

Frinweier is a Christian singer songwriter from Wisconsin. Her songs are deep and meaningful to which she adds her distinctive  and beautiful vocal tone. The song "She's Beautiful" was specifically written for a bride.

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