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We offer discounts on our rates, especially for longer sessions and returning clients. Our passion is to help local musicians make awesome sounding recordings.
All rates include an engineer / producer / arranger.
Contact us for discount options up to 30%


$35 per hour (Engineer incl.)

Studio time provides clients with a very friendly atmosphere with access to some of the best instruments, software and recording hardware available. We are able to keep our rates highly competitive by streamlining our processes and having very few overheads. Come check us out — guaranteed not to disappoint! 


Mixing is usually at Studio rate

Fully automated mixing available with motorized faders and a host of plug-ins to bring the very best out of the recordings. All hardware and software is professional grade and well understood by the engineer


$30 per song

Mastering is usually carried out as a matter of course on recording projects. We will often pre-master the tracks into a stereo final mix and add Mastering as a separate process. 
For mastering only projects the rate is higher than the normal studio recording rates.


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With a studio at our fingertips and creative songwriters like Mike and Karen we are able to harness the musicianship, software and synthesizers to create complete music productions for clients.  The music created can be licensed for a variety of applications or can be purchased royalty free.

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The availability of affordable recording software and interfaces has led to an explosion of DIY home recording set ups for enthusiastic recording engineers and musicians.  As the various software (DAWs)  is  designed for commercial use it is sometimes a very steep learning curve.

This is where COVEdigital can help: 

Mentoring is a hands-on learning process to improve your understanding of the hardware and software configurations and how to use the huge range of VST plug-ins.

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