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Step 2   Create A Lead-Sheet

The next step is to create a songwriters Lead-Sheet so that we reproduce your lyrics and song arrangement exactly as you planned it.

A lead-sheet can be a word document, pdf, picture file or hand written. Here is some guidance to make the most of your lead-sheet:

  • Use BLOCK CAPITALS for the lyrics

  • Make sure the Lead-Sheet lyrics are in  the same order as the audio file for verses, chorus, bridge, solos etc.

  • If you have the CHORDS already worked out include them on the Lead-Sheet
    Note: there are additional charges of $25 if we have to develop the song chord sheet

  • Clearly mark the lead sheet with your name and e-mail address and DON'T FORGET to add the copyright symbol, year and your name to protect your copyright
    for example:    ©2016 myname  

    You can find the copyright symbol by holding Alt + 0169 on PC
    or Option + G on a MAC

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