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Studio Artists


Jim O

We Just Disagree

Jim O - Session Vocalist

Jim is an experienced singer having played many years in a variety of bands playing a wide range of music including: ballads, country, R&B, BS&T etc

Jennifer T

Gunpowder and Lead

Jennifer T - Session Vocalist

Jennifer has been singing from an early age and has a broad style with a passion for modern country

Ann M

Father's Song

Ann M - Session Vocalist

Ann  is a songwriter and vocalist from Wisconsin specializing in soft rock, country and folk

Barry C

God Is Faithful

Barry C - Session Vocalist

Barry is a strong vocalist with a long history of singing: ideal for ballads, rock, blues, R&B and blue-grass

Chris E

Little Red Rooster

Chris E - Session Vocalist

Chris is a seasoned vocalist playing the local venues in Wisconsin. Chris' smooth blues style lends itself to several music genres.

Bryce K

Sleep Deprivation

Bryce K - Sessin Vocalist

Upcoming rapper - songwriter form Wisconsin. Excellent lyricist and songs with uplifting and motivational themes.

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