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Market Analysis
Authoring Market Research Reports

As an acknowledged technology market researcher and analyst Mike has authored many market reports including individual turnkey studies.

The Future of Thermal Printing to 2023   (View)

Smithers Pira

The Future of Flame-Retardant Foams and Insulation to 2023  (View)

Smithers Rapra

Social Media and Market Communications

Market communications and network building is fundamental in today's industry and markets to building new business and retaining existing business. A comprehensive market plan requires strategic thinking and a working knowledge of the communication channels and target's behaviours.

LinkedIN Professional Networks

Global Thermal Printing Network (View) 


Global Flame Retardant Foam Network (View)  

Other communications are turnkey for client companies and include:

Insight News Letters & Ads


Social Media: Facebook, Twitter etc

Laptop Work
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