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  SMART Grooves provides a range of marketing and audio visual services. Areas of expertise encompasses strategic marketing; tactical marketing; product management; brand creation and promotion; business strategy development; innovation and growth pipeline development and management; market research and insight management. The AV services element ( COVEdigital ) creates marketing tools for promotion, training, advertising, YouTube and music production


  As an acknowledged expert with in the thermal printing industry Mike Cove can provide consulting services to help clients with their business plans and market understanding.  Assistance in training, technology, markets and trends, landscape, applications, value chain and other elements of printers or media design is available to clients.

 SMART Grooves also founded and manages the Global Thermal Printing Network site consisting of over 1,300 thermal industry professionals

 Finding insight  in today's world  is rarely a problem—particularly for skilled researchers. However, establishing user friendly systems and processes to store and assemble the insight and to provide tools for retrieval and analysis are often an after-thought, at best. 

  SMART Grooves creates client specific databases that can handle a wide variety of quantitative and qualitative insight, along with turn-key reporting, to centralize the information for multi-user availability and strategy development.

  For as little as $500 per month we will increase brand position and sales leads by combined market insight and sales tools to run e-mail campaigns and create informative satellite pages for clients.

  With years of market-based, B2B

strategic planning experience we are able to assist in the development of clients strategic plans and to propose the best tools to consolidate a deep understanding of current and new markets. 



  Solid market research is fundemental to business strategies. It converts the hypothesese to a clearer  view  or provides the insight base to assess new markets or business opportunities.

 A sound technology and marketing background and  years of researching experience provides a skill set that can rapidly gather primary and secondary Insight.


 Sustainable growth relies on having a robust opportunity pipeline and future product line plan.

 A winning strategy is applying creativity and innovation to the development process and market strategy.

 SMART Grooves can provide training and facilitation for small businesses to amp up their market driven innovation.

Audio Visual Service

  SMART Grooves owns a professional recording facility (COVEdigital) which include video editing and music production used to create marketing tools for public relations and promotional purposes. 

 Video services includes creating corporate demonstration videos for social media and other networks.

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