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Karen Cove | Vocals | Guitar | Mandolin | Keyboards

Karen's love of music began in childhood singing with her mother, father, and sisters on the long rides to the family’s Northwoods cottage. Along the way she was encouraged to find harmonies and invent new songs and lyrics, both of which honed her natural ear and intonation. Her first musical instruments were a recorder and ukulele, followed by the French horn and piano in middle school and high school.  She also sang in choir, swing choir, and madrigals.  Bach, Mozart, CCR, the Beatles, the Kingston Trio, and the cool swag of Stan Getz all influenced her love for a wide range of musical genres.

As an adult Karen played the guitar and sang in several Christian worship bands. She also sang with her husband as a folk duo for many years which ultimately led to writing and recording a CD of their own original music. Karen presently sings and plays the guitar, mandolin, and keyboard in the BluRiver Band. In addition, she devotes time to her much-loved pets, writing novels, and painting. 

Mike Cove | Vocals | Guitar | Keyboards

Mike started playing guitar at 10 years old after failed piano lessons. Born and raised in England his biggest influences were Hank Marvin, Eric Clapton and Mark Knopfler. Mike started playing in show bands and duos on guitar and bass from the age of 14yrs  through to today. Notably: Statin Isle Ferry, Horizon, Parchment, Indiana and After Eight. Mike honed his art by routinely playing the clubs and corporate venues in the East Midlands (clubland) from the mid 1970s.  After moving to the US in 1994 Mike teamed up with his wife Karen in worship teams and also played coffee shops as a folk duo which later led to songwriting and recording projects for the two affectionately known locally as "The Coves."

Mike has played many genres of music over the years and is influenced by soul, funk, folk and rock. He loves music arrangement and audio technologies which has been put to great use at COVEdigital studio. 


Bruce Siebers | Vocals | Guitar

Bruce, from Kimberly, WI, started his first band in the in 7th grade and played in various bands in High School. His guitar playing and vocal harmony were heavily influenced by the music of CSNY and the country rock groups Poco and the Eagles. 

Over the years Bruce has played as a solo act and as part of a duet with the prominent local musician/songwriter Steve Dedecker. He provided acoustic and electric guitar as well as vocal harmony on Steve’s first CD, “Matter of Time”. Bruce later played with the local acoustic trio, My Sister’s Shoes,  known for their acoustic blues and sweet vocal harmonies. 

His last band, the Force of Habit variety band, played everything from the Beatles to Golden Earring. The Force of Habit era ended with the retirement of two key band members in 2020. 

Singing and playing the guitar has been a great hobby and personal creative outlet for Bruce who looks forward to continuing to make music with the newly formed BluRiver Band.

Roger Nelessen | Vocals | Drums | Percussion

Roger  is originally from Kaukauna, Wisconsin, and still lives in Wisconsin in a small village on the outskirts of the Fox River Valley.

Roger got my first drum kit at age 15. His parents drove him and a friend to Manitowoc to buy a new drum set, seeing as he was always drumming on something in the house.  Roger had a neighborhood garage band, like many teenagers have done through the years.  Roger has always loved percussion.  His first concert was  to see The Doobie Brothers — he was hooked from that moment.  Roger is influenced musically by the drummers from The Doobie Brothers, (Keith Knudson)  Deep Purple, (Ian Paice)  Rush (Neal Peart) and Chicago (Danny Seraphine).  He joined the Force of Habit band in 1990 and was their drummer for 30 years until the band called it quits.  He drummed on various worship teams at Christ the Rock Church since 2001.  Roger met Mike and Karen working on the Christmas musical in 2004. 


John Wage | Bass

John was 12 years old when he bought his first bass. Shortly after, he formed a band called “Five Steps Beyond” that performed at school dances. Over the next 2-3 years that band morphed into “The Federation.” John also played with Iron Room.

In the early 90’s John became a Christian and played with youth groups and worship teams at his Church for many years. While playing on a worship team, John met the  team's drummer, Roger Nelessen, and later joined Roger’s band “Force of Habit.”

John’s early influences were soul musicians like Otis Redding, Sam & Dave, and Wilson Pickett. Later he was influenced by British musicians like the Beatles, Stones, Kinks, and Clapton, followed by Cream, Steppenwolf, Zeppelin, and Hendrix.

John loves playing bass and firmly believes it’s the instrument that makes you want to get up and dance.

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